Staffbase buys Koblenz startup Dirico

With the acquisition of Dirico, the Chemnitz-based company is acquiring software that can be used to dovetail internal and external corporate communications on a single platform.

The Chemnitz-based startup Staffbase wants to make its employee app better and better and is buying up other companies for this purpose. Photo: Henry Sowinski for Staffbase.

Chemnitz/Koblenz. The Chemnitz-based software company Staffbase acquires the Koblenz-based startup Dirico. According to Staffbase, Dirico’s software can be used to create and publish content for both internal and external communication in a planned manner via one platform. How much Staffbase paid to buy Dirico was not disclosed.

Dirico staff will be part of Staffbase

Dirico’s approximately 60 employees will reportedly be acquired by Staffbase, bringing its team to more than 700 people. Dirico is to be gradually integrated into the Staffbase platform, but can still be purchased as a standalone product.

1,000 organizations use Staffbase products

Staffbase was founded in Chemnitz, Germany, in 2014 and has become a fast-growing provider of employee apps, internal email newsletter tools and modern intranets to improve employee communications. The products are used in over 1,000 organizations by a total of more than eight million people .

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